Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 34

The Infiltration of Castle Naerytar


The party arrives with Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff. The two rush off to hatch their plan of letting loose giant Lizards. The plan works and chaos ensues in front of the castle. A loud voice booms from the top of the castle where a flying red-robed man can be seen. He threatens to rain down fire if the situation isn’t handled soon.

As about 40 bullywugs work to contain the mess, our party rushes towards the castle’s main gate where they trick the guard into thinking they are cultists. The expand the trick into convincing that promotions are being handed out and that defense of the front gate is needed for an impending lizardfolk uprising. Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff do their best dragonkin impression and succeed as well.

The group heads up to the upper floor of the castle entrance and finds more guards at their posts. No diplomacy is had this time as the group dispatches the 10 bullywugs and burn their alarm drum.

Finally the group heads down the castle causeway and encounter lizardfolk training giant lizards. They notice a red scaled lizardfolk who is, not surprisingly, named Redscale. Leucis runs in once again an deceives the ranking bullywugs. They bend to his will and allow Geth to wander into the fray. To the entire room’s disbelief, he communicates to the Giant Lizards and convinces them to eat the two bullywugs in exchange for freedom. They gladly comply and Redscale and crew stand in awe. They recognize the group as the saviors of the Mere. The rumors that Wriggleshanks has spread is true!!!


  • a burnt drum
  • Giant lizard allies
  • Lizardfolk allies


  • 1100 for Bullywugs decieved or killed
  • 100 for Feeding Giant Lizards
  • 500 for meeting Redscale
  • 425 per player

Players have now reached Level 6!!!!!



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