Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 35

Recalling the Oath of Wriggleshanks


The group meets with Redscales army. He shares knowledge with the group about the layout and power structure that is within the castle. Dralmorrer Borngray employs this group as his personal guard. Rubblestump calls out the group on the lack of Wriggleshanks. Leucis and Jartek attempt to convince the elite squad that Wriggleshanks died in service to Voaraghamanthar. Geth confirms the tale.

Redscales army isn’t entirely convinced but they aren’t going to slay the group outright. Falconhoof speaks up and drunkenly stumbles through the oath of trust that Wriggleshanks once taught the group.

The oath isn’t the easiest to remember but it goes like this:

" In our tails we have lots of fight, we rip and tear all through the night, we lizardkin reserve one right, to something in the ground, rubble rubble rubble rubble "

Jartek gains respect for the lizardfolk. He starts to the rethink his previous assumptions regarding them.

It’s lunchtime in the castle and bullywugs start to move.

Geth keeps a watchful eye and when the coast is clear he seeks to release the entire Giant Lizard stable. The Lizards aren’t very cooperative and use the opportunity to escape their captors.

Meanwhile, Jartek catches a Cultist praying at an alter. The Cultist walks out completely happy with his meditation time but is met by Jartek’s hammer and Falconhoof’s arrow.

Once this is taken care of the Party splits and assaults the bullywug barracks. They clean house and find more treasure than they can carry.


  • 500 pounds of Copper Pieces, Silver Pieces, and Jewelry
  • 2 potions (One Red and One Black with purple essence)
  • Chained up box with a broken lock
  • A Giant Lizard whistle given to you by Redscale (Falconhoof has this)


  • 400 for releasing the Giant Lizards
  • 700 for clearing out the bullywug barracks
  • 25 for slaying the praying cultist
  • Total: 1125
  • Per player: 281



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