Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 37

Dralmorrer lands his "D" on Geth's back!


Our heroes face off against the hideous beast and it’s 3 tentacle arms. They are trapped between a raging fire in the Great Hall and their attackers outside in the courtyard. An obnoxious elf named Dralmorrer is determined to destroy the intruders and rid Castle Naerytar of all interruptions. He notes that there have been too many disturbances to the operation within. He commands a squad of elite lizardfolk and they reluctantly fight against those that recited the Lizardfolk oath with Redscale. Before the battle begins, Leucis sends forth a bubble of acid just in front of the kitchen doorway. The acid smokes and boils on the cobbled flooring harmlessly. The lizardfolk squad quickly gets to work removing the cover that Jartek provided by toppling the table they were hiding behind. This provides a clear line of sight for the Otyugh and it charges forward lashing out with it’s tentacles. 2 tentacles grab Jartek and Falconhoof and cling tight for the duration of the battle. Leucis sends forth a poot of a firebolt that lands harmlessly on the skin of the Otyugh. Things begin to look grim for the party.

Meanwhile, Geth explores the center tower by climbing to the top. He sees a room filled with statues and a solitary observatory looking-glass. It appears to be finely tuned and emanating magical essence. Noticing that the room is empty, he climbs over the uncovered walls at the top of the tower. He spies a target down below but isn’t able to control his plummeting as he comes crashing down on top of the unsuspecting lizardfolk named Swamplurk. Swamplurk is knocked unconscious and everyone stands with mouths agape.

As this happens, Dralmorrer uses his Misty Step spell and teleports behind Geth to perform his signature move! Dralmorrer hastily puts his D on Geth’s back and basks in the beauty of his handy work.

Redscale is given orders to attack but he sees that Dralmorrer isn’t fairing too well nor is the Otyugh after Leucis makes a devastating surprise attack with his rapier. He incites all lizardfolk to rise up against the cult and the bullywug oppressors. They do so and Dralmorrer’s last sight is that of javelins raining down on his position. The last javelin is thrown by Redscale which pierces Dralmorrer’s heart. He clutches the javelin in disbelief and falls to the floor dead.

Jartek and Falconhoof, now free of the Otyugh grip, deliver the final blows to the Otyugh and bring the beast down. As the threats are neutralized, Giant Lizards are seen climbing over the walls of the keep. Redscale and his guards mount up and plan to kill as many bullywugs as possible. A war rages on in front of Castle Naerytar. The swamps fill with bullywug blood to the delight of the lizardfolk.

Our heroes take a moment to compose themselves. They find a note on Dralmorrer indicating that he and Pharblex are to ensure the safety of the castle and the Farseer of Illusk in the tower. Leucis also grabs Dralmorrer’s dagger, cloak and a strange object that looks like a clock key.

Our heroes decide to climb the 3 stories of spiral stairs in the center tower. Their path becomes blocked from the collapsing roof and upper floors where Pharblex was last seen leaving the scene. Our heroes now gaze upon a shiny observatory looking-glass. It is the Farseer of Illusk. What happens next is anyone’s guess!


  • Strange clock winding key thingy
  • The Farseer of Illusk
  • Magical Dagger


  • 4000 XP for inciting the Lizardfolk rebellion that will surely wipe out the bullywugs
  • 700 – Dralmorrer dead
  • 1800 – Otyugh Slain!
    Total XP: 6500
    Per Player: 1625



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