Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 39

A Big Badda Boom!


We meet our heroes again in the top of the tower where the Farseer of Illusk lies in shambles. After a much needed 10 minute break, the group begins to stir. To the dismay of everyone (for some delight), Leucis is covered in a haze of magical essence and just like that his body disappears from existence. Where he has been whisked away to is anyone’s guess and the 3 remaining companions decide to press on.

An out of the ordinary and localized rain shower pops up and extinguishes the fire that was once raging in the Great Hall of Castle Naerytar. The Fire is out but the way is still blocked so the group decides to explore the Northwest tower for ways down into the basement to Pharblex.

While they inspect the ruins, a rat pushes his way through the rubble. It bites Falconhoof as he reaches down to coax the rat into his palm. It had no intentions of stopping until it met with Geth. The two converse and it is revealed that Pharblex has a deal for the group. He knows they are looking for Rezmir and he KNOWS they are the Defenders of Greenest that were once thought to be deceased. The deal: Give Pharblex and the Bullywugs Castle Naerytar and he will give the group the way to Resmir.

No deal is struck at this time and the group continues to the Northwest Castle. There they find the spirits of ancient astrologers. They make quick work of the spirits but Mingan suffers a mortal wound that reduces his overall health. The group quickly grabs the valuable items and heads to the Southeast tower.

In the Southeast tower they find the ruined chapel. One that had a small space dedicated to Clangeddin was now tossed aside in a closet to make way for the giant statue of Tiamat. The group returns the favor and trashes the altar to Tiamat and restores the broken placard on the wall where it once resided. They hear bumps coming from upstairs and quickly leap to investigate. They find a group of cultists in the “library” studying some of the women of the cult, particularly the dragonborn. The group learns that the entire contents of Castle Naerytar are to be moved to another castle in the sky.

As soon as the library is cleansed, the foundation of the castle is shaken. There was a boom. A big, Badda boom……


  • Invaluable library full of books
  • Treasure chests
    • One had a spellbook and a scroll with the word “Draezir” on it.
    • Another filled with gold 1825 cp 54 sp and gold earrings worth 10 gp


  • 1200 for 6 Specters
  • 300 for the cultist clean out
  • 375 per character



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