Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Episode 2 The Shitty Journal
The Raiders' Camp! and Niende dies!

Sessions 7 – 12


We don’t have very good notes from this episode but all you need to know is that Niende died from a mushroom and the group finds an interesting new Tiefling that joins the group.

Also Langdedrosa dies, there was a huge trap mishap that killed hundreds(?) of kolbolds, and the cave with 3 dragon hatchlings was sealed off. Greenest is super happy.

Loot & XP Details

Session 12

  • 3 Ornate scabbards dragon motif
  • Coins and Small gems worth 120gp
  • String of pearls (300gp)
  • Gold and Sapphire Ring (900gp)
  • Pouch with 6 master cut precious stones (100gp)
  • 1100 XP for Langdedrosa
  • 900 XP for Berserkers
  • 300 XP for Kobolds slain
  • 300 XP for Winged Kobolds
    • 200 Per player for Trap creativity

Session 11

  • Letters and a Map
  • 50 XP per Player for Destruction of Falco
  • 225 XP for Cultists slain
  • 200 XP for Dragon Claw slain
  • 25 XP for Guard slain
    • Per Player: 163 XP

Session 10

  • Antelope, Whiskey for Falconhoof, Laurels and incense for Niende.
  • 200 XP for getting out of the Fungus Mulch
  • 100 XP for each character bringing Niende’s body back to Greenest.
    • Per Player: 150

Session 9

  • Lost the following – Niende’s Book, Black Dragon Scale, Empty Flask, Niende’s requested * * Items, Healing Potions, Dwarven Trophy,Tankards, Dice set, 2 flasks of dwarven whiskey.
  • 2 Swarms 900 XP
  • 5 Kobolds 125 XP.
    • Per Player 256

Session 8

  • No Treasure
  • No EXP

Session 7

  • Leather Tunics with flared black mantles and scimitars. Chicken.
  • Falconhoof and Niende Advantage on Con rolls and +2
  • Straggler camp 100 exp
  • Ambush 375
    • Per Player 119
Episode One Complete!
Dragons and Raiders, the group barely survives...

Sessions 1 – 6


A half-elf, 2 humans and one dwarf find themselves together on a caravan headed towards Amn. Each one was interested in Greenest for different reasons. Upon arrival, they find the town in flames. Rumors of increased cult and dragon activity is what brought them here and a dragon is what they found!

Throughout Episode One the blue dragon, Lennithon, menaced the town with it’s raiding party of cultists and Kobolds. One particular cultist seemed to be in charge of the entire operation and Frulam Mondath made more than one appearance. The second time the group saw this purple robed human she was confident that they would meet again with the four in chains at her feet. After all, they had caused enough of a disruption back at the temple to gain some notoriety among the cultist ranks.

Jartek was able to lay waste to countless cultists while taking what seemed to be superficial wounds throughout the night. Niende cut just as deep with her tongue convincing even the great Lennithon that she had a tome of importance.

Despite being cut down quickly, Geth stands a hero in the eyes of those at Greenest. His honorable stand saved Greenest women and children from certain death. The black scale that he carries with him is his plight. He and the ranger, Falconhoof, find that they have more in common than once thought when it comes to loss.

The raid on Greenest is over for the time being but Nighthill wants more answers. The group also hungry for answers to their past makes their way to the raider camp to the southeast.

Loot & XP Details

Session 6

  • 2 Healing Potions and equipment provisions from Greenest
  • Challenging Cyanwrath: 50 each
  • Driving Lennithon away: 50 each
    • Per player: 100

Session 5

  • 1 Cultist and 10 Bags of Flour
  • Realizing Trap: 50 exp each
  • Defeated Foes: 285
    • Per Player: 121

Session 4

  • 2 additional cultist robes & 2 healing potions
  • Defending the Keep: 450
  • Distracting the Cultist Patrol: 150
  • Total 600
    • Per Player: 150

Session 3

  • Tattered Robes(1), Pristine Robes(1), Scimitar(1)
  • Captured: Cultists(1) 25 Exp.
  • Rescuing the Villagers: 100/player
  • Total: 650 Exp.
    • Per Player: 263

Session 2

  • No loot
  • Total: 125
    • Per Player: 69

Session 1

  • 1 healing potion
  • Total: 850
    • Per player: 213

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