Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 43
The Ode to White Dragons


The adventure starts where we last left them. A tavern brawl has broken out and it’s all out chaos!!!

Our adventures show no mercy to anyone in the tavern. Raggnar the Red, who owned the Tavern was outed as a Cult of the Dragon sympathizer. Falconhoof being a connoisseur of drinks had some sympathy for the barkeep. He begins searching Siphyllstein the fat for his golden tankard but comes up empty handed while searching through Siphyllstein’s many folds of skin. Raggnar is alerted that Siphyllstein could have the tankard and shakes him down. Siphyllstein runs out since he had is fill. Raggnar senses that his time might be up though and attempts to run for the door. Before he knows it though, he is in a tongue of war with Geth! Geth snatches the tankard with spectacular strength and lobs it over Falconhoof. He gives Raggnar one last chance and even gives the tankard back but Raggnar, as hard-headed as he is, advises that the group not challenge the Cult. With that, Falconhoof took his head and his never ending tankard of ale as a prize.

Likewise, other party members find some items. Leucis finds 40 gold and a magical tapestry. He unfurls the tapestry in Raggnar’s room but hastily throws keys under the bed. Falconhoof goes searching and finds some ungodly items under the bed. He carefully removes a stiff sock and a pair of underwear away from the keys then locks the door. The party jumps through the tapestry….

The group finds themselves in the presence of a white dragon, Glazhael the Cloudchaser. They divert his attention by pretending to be “Finesworth” the person he asked for and eventually send him on a wild goose-chase for a non-existent hidden hoard. Glazhael believes the tale but doesn’t let them off without giving praise to Dragons. The group recites an Ode to white dragons. It is a tale of dragons with large hands,

With the dragon gone, Jartek makes his way towards the frozen hoard in the bottom of the pit. After much convincing, Leucis frees a longsword from it’s frozen resting place.

Now satisfied the group explores the cave further. They climb to the top of a set of stairs and see a dark form moving quickly across the courtyard. Fog rolls in and the group realizes they are on Skyreach Castle!


  • Tankard of Illefarn (Falconhoof)
  • 40 gold (Leucis)
  • Tapestry B – a portal device that links to another tapestry (Leucis)
  • * Currently this is in the Golden Tankard Tavern
  • Longsword (Jartek)


  • Tavern Brawl
  • * 3 Cultists (25) 75,
  • * 1 Acolyte (50) 50,
  • * 5 guards (25) 125,
  • * 1 Veteran (700) 700.
  • * Total: 950
  • Encounter with Glazhael
  • * 3,333 Xp for diverting his attention and parading around as “Finesworth”
  • 1071 per player
Session 42
Get Parnasty!


The party sets out to find the missing caravan. Talis is quite impatient and give the group a ring only 3 hours into their journey. When Leucis divulges that the plans were unclear she quickly activates the swapping power of the communication device and is teleported into Jartek’s place. Jartek can be heard yelling dwarven obscenities as Crunkle is ordered to take care of him back at the lodge.

Talis charges ahead and bores the group to death about how important it is to find the caravan and thwart the efforts of Varram the White over the course of the next 3 hours. Upon arrival, she darts to the nearest caravan and starts searching. Falconhoof uses the opportunity to slip away and sneak a peek at what is lurking in the stables. He finds that 2 or 3 Wyverns are resting inside while Leucis and Geth blow his cover. Quick on his thoughts, Leucis comes up with the clever idea to tell Talis that Falconhoof is out taking a number two. She buys the story but urges Falconhoof to hurry it up.

The party makes their way to the center of the town and they discover the shrine in town has been desecrated for one of statues outside. They nearly lose their cover out in the courtyard due to Geth’s intense questioning. Talis calms the guards and the guards let on that all shipments may already be aboard Skyreach Castle. At this point, Talis is fed up and she swaps places with Jartek once again, barks some orders for them to take care of Varram and closes the comms.

Jartek is bewildered as he holds an armful of cured meats and holds a stein of beer in his free hand. Falconhoof swipes the stein and the party moves to the tavern for better comforts and hoping for more information.

Inside the tavern the party meets Gundalin who is an local resident that is sick of the Cult occupation of his town. While he divulges information in the bedroom, Geth starts some shit in the tavern with the cultist that are off duty. It didn’t take much time before the group gets downright Parnasty!


  • Discovery of Wyverns in the Stables
  • A few free beers and some cured meats


  • 500 per player for diverting the town guards.
Episode 41
Fine Woven Rugs Here!


At the lodge doorstep, the group takes a moment to look around. An ambush of drakes begin to pounce on Geth as half the group is preoccupied by the sights and sounds around them. However, Leucis comes to the rescue yelling in Draconic. He tells the drakes to stand down and the dog-like drakes obey as if they were given commands by their owner.

Around the corner 2 trolls, Yukmer and Grundel, are perplexed by the Drake’s behavior. The two are loud and obnoxious in their exchanges leaving little to the imagination. Geth takes a moment to speak to the two birds that he saw high above the lodge. He finds that they are actually perytons and they have mistaken the group’s identity. They urge Geth to go inside and tell him that they are expected visitors. Yukmer and Grundel are given orders to stand watch outside and they do so with blind loyalty.

Using this information, the group gets the idea to run into the house before the two trolls get a good look at them. In exchange, they find a curious little house-kobold named Crunkle. The house kobold proceeds to take them on a grand tour of the lodge. Along the way crunkle shows them the kitchen where everyone finds a bite to eat. Next they find the pantry and then the bedrooms where they convince Crunkle to allow them a long rest.

The group wakes in the middle of the night and continues the tour. After a complete circle of the lodge Jartek grows weary of Crunkle’s overextended tour. At the same time Leucis notices a strange tapestry that appears to teleport things from one place to another. The group is intrigued but Jartek strongly urges the kobold to take them directly to Talis.

Finally the group is taken upstairs and meets up with Talis the White. A female half-elf in scale mail armor. She also holds a wand set with a blue gemstone. She quickly divulges that she is upset with Rezmir and proposes a temporary alliance. Her request is to have the group intervene in the delivery of goods to Skyreach Castle. She is hoping that her rival, Varram The White, fails so she can take his place. In exchange, she agrees to give the party safe passage and entry aboard Skyreach Castle. All they need to do is carry the magically imbued trinket that allows for simple communication. For the rest of the day, the group has a long chat over tea about fine woven fabrics. The newly formed allies all dream of how things could have been if Talis were a rug maker instead. But you know how it goes… One day you are weaving the finest rugs ever made and the next you are knee deep in cult shit!


  • Scale Mail
  • A shield with an arrow painted on it.
  • An enchanted wooden trinket to communicate with Talis
  • a banner with the symbol of Tiamat
  • The passphrase “Tiamat, our Mother and Strength”


  • 5,000 per player for making the deal with Talis and avoiding all battles
  • One Inspiration token extra for great RP (yes start with two next session)
Session 40
Dracolich Delivery!


Our heroes are met in the top of the south east tower above the depraved library. Leucis comes running up the steps, his breath is labored but he manages to let the group know that Voaraghamanthar was the loud crash outside. Apparently he cares not for the denizens of the Mere and wants everyone out.

The group goes putzing around in Rezmir’s private quarters. Jarteka and Leucis get caught in an acid trap that ruins some armor and a fine pile of treasure. Falconhoof eyes up a fine rug that has a makers tag on it that reads, “Made by Talis the White.” Falconhoof rolls it up and takes it.

The group heads down into the basement learning that the underside is a winding catacomb. Bullywugs offer to take the group to Pharblex as a peace offering. Our heroes have ulterior plans for the 4 bullywugs. They make quick work of the group and head off in the opposite direction. The group trepidatiously slides down an old rickety ladder and wades through some mysterious fog.

Finally they find the portal they were looking for and Leucis calls out the words “Draezir!” as they are wisped away to a snowy mountain top looking at what appears to be an old cabin. The group approaches the front door.


  • Ornate Rug


  • 1,000 per player for getting through the portal
Session 39
A Big Badda Boom!


We meet our heroes again in the top of the tower where the Farseer of Illusk lies in shambles. After a much needed 10 minute break, the group begins to stir. To the dismay of everyone (for some delight), Leucis is covered in a haze of magical essence and just like that his body disappears from existence. Where he has been whisked away to is anyone’s guess and the 3 remaining companions decide to press on.

An out of the ordinary and localized rain shower pops up and extinguishes the fire that was once raging in the Great Hall of Castle Naerytar. The Fire is out but the way is still blocked so the group decides to explore the Northwest tower for ways down into the basement to Pharblex.

While they inspect the ruins, a rat pushes his way through the rubble. It bites Falconhoof as he reaches down to coax the rat into his palm. It had no intentions of stopping until it met with Geth. The two converse and it is revealed that Pharblex has a deal for the group. He knows they are looking for Rezmir and he KNOWS they are the Defenders of Greenest that were once thought to be deceased. The deal: Give Pharblex and the Bullywugs Castle Naerytar and he will give the group the way to Resmir.

No deal is struck at this time and the group continues to the Northwest Castle. There they find the spirits of ancient astrologers. They make quick work of the spirits but Mingan suffers a mortal wound that reduces his overall health. The group quickly grabs the valuable items and heads to the Southeast tower.

In the Southeast tower they find the ruined chapel. One that had a small space dedicated to Clangeddin was now tossed aside in a closet to make way for the giant statue of Tiamat. The group returns the favor and trashes the altar to Tiamat and restores the broken placard on the wall where it once resided. They hear bumps coming from upstairs and quickly leap to investigate. They find a group of cultists in the “library” studying some of the women of the cult, particularly the dragonborn. The group learns that the entire contents of Castle Naerytar are to be moved to another castle in the sky.

As soon as the library is cleansed, the foundation of the castle is shaken. There was a boom. A big, Badda boom……


  • Invaluable library full of books
  • Treasure chests
    • One had a spellbook and a scroll with the word “Draezir” on it.
    • Another filled with gold 1825 cp 54 sp and gold earrings worth 10 gp


  • 1200 for 6 Specters
  • 300 for the cultist clean out
  • 375 per character
Episode 38
So long, Farseer of Illusk!


Last time on Fear and Loathing on the Sword Coast… Our heroes investigate the Farseer of Illusk and tinker around with the tunings. Leucis takes a peek to find that the Farseer is focused on what appears to be Vhoraghamanthar and his lair filled with loot. A strange crown was on a pedestal.


Leucis continues by asking Geth how Vhoraghamanthar looked when he last saw the dragon. Geth replies with the description that the Black Dragon was decaying yet still somehow alive.

The group contemplates that there may be 2 dragons after all but they are all perplexed at how this has anything to do with Rezmir. In frustration, Jartek and Falconhoof start down the winding spiral staircase. Meanwhile, Geth is ordered to pick up the Farseer. He does so and with it the Farseer alarm system kicks in. 4 statues in each corner of the tower come to life!

The statues are actually Gargoyles and they proceed to tear through Geth and Leucis. In a moment of desperation, Leucis tears a scale off of his cloak and throws it at his feet. The scale turns into a wall of ice lifting him and two gargoyles 30 feet in the air. Luecis shoots a firebolt at the ice wall beneath is feet and he rides the melt down safely to the floor of the tower.

Geth spins the Farseer in a circle about him and knocks the swarm of gargoyles back using the Farseer of Illusk. He also summons Mingan to his side once again before he is knocked unconscious by the gargoyles swarming him again.

Falconhoof and Jartek hear the clamor and come back upstairs. They, Luecis and Mingan take care of the Gargoyles. Unfortunately, the fight was not without it’s toll. The Farseer lies in shambles and the group sits wounded. Jartek notes that resources and the well being of the group are dwindling quickly and they still need to take care of Pharblex in the basement.


  • Knowledge of Voraghamanthar’s secret
  • Farseer of Illusk destroyed!


  • 1800 for the Gargoyle alarm system
  • 450 per character
Session 37
Dralmorrer lands his "D" on Geth's back!


Our heroes face off against the hideous beast and it’s 3 tentacle arms. They are trapped between a raging fire in the Great Hall and their attackers outside in the courtyard. An obnoxious elf named Dralmorrer is determined to destroy the intruders and rid Castle Naerytar of all interruptions. He notes that there have been too many disturbances to the operation within. He commands a squad of elite lizardfolk and they reluctantly fight against those that recited the Lizardfolk oath with Redscale. Before the battle begins, Leucis sends forth a bubble of acid just in front of the kitchen doorway. The acid smokes and boils on the cobbled flooring harmlessly. The lizardfolk squad quickly gets to work removing the cover that Jartek provided by toppling the table they were hiding behind. This provides a clear line of sight for the Otyugh and it charges forward lashing out with it’s tentacles. 2 tentacles grab Jartek and Falconhoof and cling tight for the duration of the battle. Leucis sends forth a poot of a firebolt that lands harmlessly on the skin of the Otyugh. Things begin to look grim for the party.

Meanwhile, Geth explores the center tower by climbing to the top. He sees a room filled with statues and a solitary observatory looking-glass. It appears to be finely tuned and emanating magical essence. Noticing that the room is empty, he climbs over the uncovered walls at the top of the tower. He spies a target down below but isn’t able to control his plummeting as he comes crashing down on top of the unsuspecting lizardfolk named Swamplurk. Swamplurk is knocked unconscious and everyone stands with mouths agape.

As this happens, Dralmorrer uses his Misty Step spell and teleports behind Geth to perform his signature move! Dralmorrer hastily puts his D on Geth’s back and basks in the beauty of his handy work.

Redscale is given orders to attack but he sees that Dralmorrer isn’t fairing too well nor is the Otyugh after Leucis makes a devastating surprise attack with his rapier. He incites all lizardfolk to rise up against the cult and the bullywug oppressors. They do so and Dralmorrer’s last sight is that of javelins raining down on his position. The last javelin is thrown by Redscale which pierces Dralmorrer’s heart. He clutches the javelin in disbelief and falls to the floor dead.

Jartek and Falconhoof, now free of the Otyugh grip, deliver the final blows to the Otyugh and bring the beast down. As the threats are neutralized, Giant Lizards are seen climbing over the walls of the keep. Redscale and his guards mount up and plan to kill as many bullywugs as possible. A war rages on in front of Castle Naerytar. The swamps fill with bullywug blood to the delight of the lizardfolk.

Our heroes take a moment to compose themselves. They find a note on Dralmorrer indicating that he and Pharblex are to ensure the safety of the castle and the Farseer of Illusk in the tower. Leucis also grabs Dralmorrer’s dagger, cloak and a strange object that looks like a clock key.

Our heroes decide to climb the 3 stories of spiral stairs in the center tower. Their path becomes blocked from the collapsing roof and upper floors where Pharblex was last seen leaving the scene. Our heroes now gaze upon a shiny observatory looking-glass. It is the Farseer of Illusk. What happens next is anyone’s guess!


  • Strange clock winding key thingy
  • The Farseer of Illusk
  • Magical Dagger


  • 4000 XP for inciting the Lizardfolk rebellion that will surely wipe out the bullywugs
  • 700 – Dralmorrer dead
  • 1800 – Otyugh Slain!
    Total XP: 6500
    Per Player: 1625
Session 36
Fracklechuunk & Sharpstuff are HOME ALONE!


The adventure picks back up where we left off last time in the Bullywug Barracks. The group wants to make their rummaging a bit more private so Leucis moves to close the doors. A loud lizard like shriek pierces the air.

Fracklechuunk is in the jaws of a large drake and soon to be in the jaws of another. The group gets a taste of what Pharblex is capable of but not before he bounds off to alert more bullywugs of the intruders.

After dispatching the guard drakes, the crew moves to hunt down Pharblex but take a detour finding Tharm Tharmzid. He is a humble dwarf doing what he can to cook for the denizens of the castle. Jartek starts to talk to some sense into Tharm and convinces him to head to the Carnath Roadhouse for work. Tharm agrees that this is preferable to cooking for the Cult and heads on his way.

As Tharm walks out, Geth opens the door pursuing Pharblex. The group makes quick work of the cultists found inside but an even bigger threat presents itself in the courtyard. It’s a monstrous three-tentacled beast and it is let loose by two cultists that were towing it towards our 4 heroes.


  • Found the Horde of treasure that the Cult is sorting. Some items from Greenest are noticed!


  • 1350 for Guard Drakes
  • 850 Cultist Sorting Room
  • 2200 total
  • 550 per player
Session 35
Recalling the Oath of Wriggleshanks


The group meets with Redscales army. He shares knowledge with the group about the layout and power structure that is within the castle. Dralmorrer Borngray employs this group as his personal guard. Rubblestump calls out the group on the lack of Wriggleshanks. Leucis and Jartek attempt to convince the elite squad that Wriggleshanks died in service to Voaraghamanthar. Geth confirms the tale.

Redscales army isn’t entirely convinced but they aren’t going to slay the group outright. Falconhoof speaks up and drunkenly stumbles through the oath of trust that Wriggleshanks once taught the group.

The oath isn’t the easiest to remember but it goes like this:

" In our tails we have lots of fight, we rip and tear all through the night, we lizardkin reserve one right, to something in the ground, rubble rubble rubble rubble "

Jartek gains respect for the lizardfolk. He starts to the rethink his previous assumptions regarding them.

It’s lunchtime in the castle and bullywugs start to move.

Geth keeps a watchful eye and when the coast is clear he seeks to release the entire Giant Lizard stable. The Lizards aren’t very cooperative and use the opportunity to escape their captors.

Meanwhile, Jartek catches a Cultist praying at an alter. The Cultist walks out completely happy with his meditation time but is met by Jartek’s hammer and Falconhoof’s arrow.

Once this is taken care of the Party splits and assaults the bullywug barracks. They clean house and find more treasure than they can carry.


  • 500 pounds of Copper Pieces, Silver Pieces, and Jewelry
  • 2 potions (One Red and One Black with purple essence)
  • Chained up box with a broken lock
  • A Giant Lizard whistle given to you by Redscale (Falconhoof has this)


  • 400 for releasing the Giant Lizards
  • 700 for clearing out the bullywug barracks
  • 25 for slaying the praying cultist
  • Total: 1125
  • Per player: 281
Session 34
The Infiltration of Castle Naerytar


The party arrives with Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff. The two rush off to hatch their plan of letting loose giant Lizards. The plan works and chaos ensues in front of the castle. A loud voice booms from the top of the castle where a flying red-robed man can be seen. He threatens to rain down fire if the situation isn’t handled soon.

As about 40 bullywugs work to contain the mess, our party rushes towards the castle’s main gate where they trick the guard into thinking they are cultists. The expand the trick into convincing that promotions are being handed out and that defense of the front gate is needed for an impending lizardfolk uprising. Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff do their best dragonkin impression and succeed as well.

The group heads up to the upper floor of the castle entrance and finds more guards at their posts. No diplomacy is had this time as the group dispatches the 10 bullywugs and burn their alarm drum.

Finally the group heads down the castle causeway and encounter lizardfolk training giant lizards. They notice a red scaled lizardfolk who is, not surprisingly, named Redscale. Leucis runs in once again an deceives the ranking bullywugs. They bend to his will and allow Geth to wander into the fray. To the entire room’s disbelief, he communicates to the Giant Lizards and convinces them to eat the two bullywugs in exchange for freedom. They gladly comply and Redscale and crew stand in awe. They recognize the group as the saviors of the Mere. The rumors that Wriggleshanks has spread is true!!!


  • a burnt drum
  • Giant lizard allies
  • Lizardfolk allies


  • 1100 for Bullywugs decieved or killed
  • 100 for Feeding Giant Lizards
  • 500 for meeting Redscale
  • 425 per player

Players have now reached Level 6!!!!!


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