Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Episode One Complete!
Dragons and Raiders, the group barely survives...

Sessions 1 – 6


A half-elf, 2 humans and one dwarf find themselves together on a caravan headed towards Amn. Each one was interested in Greenest for different reasons. Upon arrival, they find the town in flames. Rumors of increased cult and dragon activity is what brought them here and a dragon is what they found!

Throughout Episode One the blue dragon, Lennithon, menaced the town with it’s raiding party of cultists and Kobolds. One particular cultist seemed to be in charge of the entire operation and Frulam Mondath made more than one appearance. The second time the group saw this purple robed human she was confident that they would meet again with the four in chains at her feet. After all, they had caused enough of a disruption back at the temple to gain some notoriety among the cultist ranks.

Jartek was able to lay waste to countless cultists while taking what seemed to be superficial wounds throughout the night. Niende cut just as deep with her tongue convincing even the great Lennithon that she had a tome of importance.

Despite being cut down quickly, Geth stands a hero in the eyes of those at Greenest. His honorable stand saved Greenest women and children from certain death. The black scale that he carries with him is his plight. He and the ranger, Falconhoof, find that they have more in common than once thought when it comes to loss.

The raid on Greenest is over for the time being but Nighthill wants more answers. The group also hungry for answers to their past makes their way to the raider camp to the southeast.

Loot & XP Details

Session 6

  • 2 Healing Potions and equipment provisions from Greenest
  • Challenging Cyanwrath: 50 each
  • Driving Lennithon away: 50 each
    • Per player: 100

Session 5

  • 1 Cultist and 10 Bags of Flour
  • Realizing Trap: 50 exp each
  • Defeated Foes: 285
    • Per Player: 121

Session 4

  • 2 additional cultist robes & 2 healing potions
  • Defending the Keep: 450
  • Distracting the Cultist Patrol: 150
  • Total 600
    • Per Player: 150

Session 3

  • Tattered Robes(1), Pristine Robes(1), Scimitar(1)
  • Captured: Cultists(1) 25 Exp.
  • Rescuing the Villagers: 100/player
  • Total: 650 Exp.
    • Per Player: 263

Session 2

  • No loot
  • Total: 125
    • Per Player: 69

Session 1

  • 1 healing potion
  • Total: 850
    • Per player: 213
Episode 2 The Shitty Journal
The Raiders' Camp! and Niende dies!

Sessions 7 – 12


We don’t have very good notes from this episode but all you need to know is that Niende died from a mushroom and the group finds an interesting new Tiefling that joins the group.

Also Langdedrosa dies, there was a huge trap mishap that killed hundreds(?) of kolbolds, and the cave with 3 dragon hatchlings was sealed off. Greenest is super happy.

Loot & XP Details

Session 12

  • 3 Ornate scabbards dragon motif
  • Coins and Small gems worth 120gp
  • String of pearls (300gp)
  • Gold and Sapphire Ring (900gp)
  • Pouch with 6 master cut precious stones (100gp)
  • 1100 XP for Langdedrosa
  • 900 XP for Berserkers
  • 300 XP for Kobolds slain
  • 300 XP for Winged Kobolds
    • 200 Per player for Trap creativity

Session 11

  • Letters and a Map
  • 50 XP per Player for Destruction of Falco
  • 225 XP for Cultists slain
  • 200 XP for Dragon Claw slain
  • 25 XP for Guard slain
    • Per Player: 163 XP

Session 10

  • Antelope, Whiskey for Falconhoof, Laurels and incense for Niende.
  • 200 XP for getting out of the Fungus Mulch
  • 100 XP for each character bringing Niende’s body back to Greenest.
    • Per Player: 150

Session 9

  • Lost the following – Niende’s Book, Black Dragon Scale, Empty Flask, Niende’s requested * * Items, Healing Potions, Dwarven Trophy,Tankards, Dice set, 2 flasks of dwarven whiskey.
  • 2 Swarms 900 XP
  • 5 Kobolds 125 XP.
    • Per Player 256

Session 8

  • No Treasure
  • No EXP

Session 7

  • Leather Tunics with flared black mantles and scimitars. Chicken.
  • Falconhoof and Niende Advantage on Con rolls and +2
  • Straggler camp 100 exp
  • Ambush 375
    • Per Player 119
The Wagon Ride Of a Lifetime
Seriously this took forever.

Session 26 – 02/03/2016


No good notes here but the group basically finds the dragonscale carved into the shape of a skull for Voragamanthar and he sends them back to their bodies as they are being prepared for a funeral pyre in Waterdeep. It seems as if the caravan made it without them on the final stretch! Everyone witness to their revival is astonished! In an attempt to cure Leucis of his old age from a banshee shriek they seek out a cleric.

The cleric cures Leucis and also accidentally conjures a tongueworm that attaches to Geth’s tongue stump. He is now able to speak again but man is that thing weird!


  • Your material bodies
  • Geth gets a Tongue worm
  • The Scale skull of Ebondeath (given to Voragamanthar though)
  • Soul Bound to Voragamanthar! How fun.


  • Completed Voragamanthar’s Ritual
  • 500 XP per character

Session 25 – 01/13/2016


The group searches for the Skull that Voraghamanthar seek and encounter a wandering spirit. They get to work slaying the spirit without questioning it and realize quickly that this is not the only foe that lurks in the Mere. A spider appears and disappears out of thin air appearing to teleport around the swamp. Geth becomes posessed twice by running headfirst into battle. Will they find the items they seek and return back to their material form? What does the strange crystal do that Leucis holds?


  • Strange Ethereal Crystal


  • Spider and Spirit battle 1800 XP
    • 450 XP total per character

Session 24 – 12/30/2015


After several days travel from Dragonspear the Caravan is assaulted by Giant Spiders and Ettercap. They mean to make a meal from some of the Caravan horses. Eldkin takes two swings with her war axe and smashes the giant spider’s 8 beady eyes with her shield. Another looks to overtake her and does so by spinning it’s web pinning her to the ground. Our heroes come and make short work while trying to stop the Ettercap from making off with the caravan horses. They stop one but the other scurries off into the black of the forest.

Eldkin screams to the heroes, “GET THOSE HORSES! DON’T YOU BE WORRIN’ ABOUT ME NOW!” They heed her call and into the forest they go. Leucis finds the Ettercap nest shortly after Geth surveys the situation but what catches Leucis’ eyes send the 4 friends on a journey to a nightmarish land. Before their souls are sucked into the magical orb they see a red-robed man who lets them know how happy he is for them to have fallen into the trap he has set. All the group knows is that the Cult of the Dragon seemingly had known about the intentions of all 4 adventurers. It was quite easy really since the group hadn’t sought more covert ways of finding out about where the cultists were taking all of their loot.

In a grey fog with spirits wandering about the 4 assess the situation. Leucis is glowing gold and Geth can talk! A portal appears to be closing quickly. Perhaps the trap didn’t go off exactly as planned? Quick wits about him, Leucis attempts to alter the portal and aiming for Mount Celestia where he was hoping to find Bahamut. The four jump through and the sky clear, one might say perfect, skies turn to muck and gloom. A loud and serpentine voice calls out, “Dooooo you sssssmeeellll that?!?” Suddenly, a gust of wind, muck, and bog debris kicks up like a terrible storm out of no where. Moments later a Black Dragon ambushes the four with it’s acid breath only for him (and our heroes) to find that they are unaffected. In addition he claims to not even see the 4 standing in plain sight before him. The dragon confused leaves and then seemingly teleports behind the group and exclaims, “I CAN SSSSSEEEEEE YOU!” Leucis knows exactly where they have landed once the Voraghamanthar, the Black Death, reveals his name. They have jumped planes to find themselves hundreds of miles north of the caravan destination. With little choice the Black Dragon tasks the group with finding a Skull he is looking for in the marshes and he promises to return them to their normal states if they find the item.

Now we find our adventurers without material bodies and blinded by the light found on the Material Plane. A place that was once comforting, now puts them in anguish as they roam the marsh.


  • Spider/Ettercap Battle 1200
  • 300 xp per character
  • Finding the Ethereal Plane and attempting to hack the portal to Celestia 200 xp per character!

Session 23 – 12/09/2015


The Caravan stops at Dragonspear for some much needed rest. Like many caravan stops, it is not out of the ordinary for folks to join at major towns along the Trade Way.

The caravan circles up and evening festivities begin after a long uneventful day of travel. Songs are playing and tales are being told. Two peculiar twin sisters, Arietta and Zelina Innevar, seem to be interested in anyone and everyone.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Especially those who have heroic stories to share! Our heroes knew something wasn’t quite right with the two sisters but don’t have the energy to investigate more. Tired and wary the group beds down for the night.Hours later, a few of the heroes are startled awake by screams coming from the woods. They wake the other heroes and let Eldkin know they were headed in to see what the commotion is about. Eldkin, too drunk to care,dismisses the group and continues to snooze.

With Geth’s glowing manhood leading the way, the party uncovers the evil secret that Arietta and Zelina were hiding. They were Doppelgangers who enjoyed feasting on adventurers. Everything from a hero’s likeness to his most personal memories are considered delicacies to the twins.

Unbeknownst to Arietta and Zelina, they begin their final feast. Our heroes make swift work of the two but the party is not without loss. The two doppelgangers probedour heroes thoughts and shape-shifted into eerily realistic memories of people they once knew…. All before the last breath is drawn we see Geth’s wolfpack, Falconhoof’s pregnant wife and finally Niende. Our heroes retire back to camp. Eldkin and others look upon all 4 of their distraught faces and the caravan merchants know they shouldn’t pry. None sleep well for the remainder of the night.

Many uneventful days pass as the caravan nears Daggerford. Last night’s smoldering campfire sparks a small flame as the morning sun rises. For our adventurers, this hasn’t exactly turned out to be the covert operation they set out to accomplish. One confirmed cultist is being held captive and is in tow. Where his stolen cargo was headed is still not known. Attempts to garner information have not been fruitful thus far as he would rather the heroes kill him before he gives up cult secrets.

Let’s take a look at that small morning flame shall we?


  • Discovery that Falconhoof’s bow is filled with POWER!


  • 1200 for the death of the twin sisters
  • 300 per character

Session 22 – 11\24\2015


The caravan has moved on with Galass Bloodwine in tow and Sulsdeg the Pole at the watch. After a few nights and days, the caravan is stopped by Eldkin at the sight of something she feels bodes ill. A mysterious mound of dirt with a banner waving in the wind. After a bit of sneaking, they group realizes that there is a human body buried to the neck in the dirt. The banner and the man’s forehead are painted with the word “Oathbreaker”.

After some debate the group agrees to dig the man up. Eventually, Geth grows tired of digging and pulls the man out using his brute strength. Luecis finds that this man has a Harper’s Tattoo on his arm and connects with this man Carlon Amoffel. Jartek still wary of the situation Prays to Clangeddin and rolls his gem-inlaid sticks to find out that Clangeddin sees this act as an omen of good. Carlon is found in pretty bad shape and needs time to recover so he is kept in a cart with Eldkin and the caravan moves along.

Suddenly rain pours from the sky. The downpour continues for 2 days and nights. When the sky finally clears, people wake to cork sized mushrooms everywhere. A horse steps on one by accident and the shroom lets loose a shriek with a cloud of black dust. Geth and Falconhoof move to the front to see how far the mushrooms extend. A sparrow tells Geth that it’s for many human wagons beyond where they are. Falconhoof decides to make his way back and Geth continues on with the help of the performing troupe “The Protectors of the Trade Way.” Using broomsticks and Geth the group clears a path through the growing mushrooms. However, a couple of people come out of the situation with a deep aversion to mushrooms. Falconhoof isn’t too keen on them. Leucis can’t stand the sight of mushrooms after his encounter.

To end the night, a cozy Inn is found along the way. Wet, cold, and scared of mushrooms, the group attempts to find solace within the Inn walls. Leucis sneaks around back undetected but finds mushrooms in the cupboards! Geth attempts to pound down the doors while Falconhoof and Jartek diffuse the situation. 3 suspicious thugs have apparently rented the Inn out for the past few days. Carlon is brought to the window to confirm that these are not the men he was tracking.

The caravan moves on towards DAGGERFORD!


  • Leucis now has an aversion to mushrooms


  • 1200 for helping Carlon
  • 1200 for getting out of the mushroom minefield
  • 1200 for diffusing the situation at the inn
  • Bonus 100 per player for great roleplay, diffusal of tense situations and creative solutions to problems!
  • Total per player 1000

Session 21 – 11\18\2015


The group saves the mysterious shape shifting elf from certain death. He hands over a bow with unknown magical properties. Frulam Mondath dies at the hands of the group. Geth is clearly not happy with the outcome of the events and the fatal blow the ended Frulam’s life. Clearly this has shaken him.

The group brings Frulam’s lifeless body back to the caravan and all is revealed! The Protectors of the Trade Way are discovered to be nothing more than a traveling theater group. The armor they are wearing and the stories they told were extremely convincing but discovered once Arlek Ablehiemer’s prop sword and shield were destroyed.

After a liberal amount of back and forth Galass comes clean that he is part of the Cult of the Dragon. He is bound and force to travel in the back of Nyerhite Verther’s wagon that was once filled with luxury silks. The caravan makes it’s way over the Trollclaws with every sound causing fear and alarm. The recent developments of carrying a member of the Cult of the Dragon has started to weigh heavy on all of the travelers.


  • Member of the Cult of the Dragon unveiled.


  • 1350 for killing Frulam
  • 100 for letting the sniveling guards live
  • Bonus 400 for saving the Stag’s life!
  • Total per player 463

Session 20 – 10\21\2015


- Mike Dies! He knew absolutely nothing about bugs other than he liked them.
- A few details about Mike’s death didn’t add up but the investigation is proclaimed solved by the Protectors of the Trade way.
- Galass Bloodwine is accused by the group for Mike’s death. He denies all charges.
- A golden stag is seen on the road and 2 hunters pursue the beasts. The group chases the stag and finds it in a grove.
- The stag has a message for Geth!
- An arrow slices through the air and hits the Golden Stag
- Mondath appears!


  • a bow given to Geth…
  • knowledge that the Emerald Enclave thinks it is best that the Book of Tiamat stays with the group.


  • 1200 for finding the Golden Stag
  • 300 per character

Session 19 – 10\14\2015


- The group discovers Mike the Bug Guy. Super nice dude that knows nothing about bugs!
- A cart overturns and Jewels are discovered by Mike and Falconhoof!
- Galass Bloodwine and Sulsldeg enlist Jartek to help fix the wagon
- Perytons follow the caravan for a few days before deciding to strike
-The Group make short work of the Perytons but not before one knocks Leucis unconscious for a hot moment.
- The self proclaimed Protectors of the Trade Way were no where to be seen during the fight…


  • Peryton carcasses; Trophy Antlers


  • 1200 for fixing the wagon wheel
  • 1200 for Defending the Caravan
  • 0 for finding Mike the Bug guy
  • 600 per player

Session 18 – 10\7\2015


- Beyd and Falconhoof become friendly with one another
- A new adventuring group is welcomed aboard the caravan. 20 miles are clear of bandits!
- Geth stands off against Arlek Ablehiemer and his merry men claiming to be great defenders of the trade way.
- Tychel Vickkens beats his horse.
- Geth and Leucis stop Tychel and have a confrontation with Rory and Eiliries Fallstead.
- Jartek is making a list and checking it twice but finds some peculiar worms.


  • Unidentified worms under the silk cart
  • Discarded head in the bushes


  • 1200 for Tychel the Noble and saving his horse
  • 300 per player

Session 17 – 7/9/2015


  • Falconhoof’s Caravan Job! 10gp per tenday; Bodyguard to Beyd Sechepol


  • None; Geth was defeated in hand to hand wrestling vs. a female dwarf. Jartek was a bit turned on from it.

Session 16 – 7/2/2015


  • Szass, Tiamat’s Flame, is snuffed out!
  • Leucis’ siezes the book and causes conflict over this.
  • It is discovered that the tome provides great power to Leucis!
  • The Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet prefer not to keep such a powerful artifact.
  • Falconhoof, Jartek, and Geth are all distrust the book.
  • A messenger bird is sent to the Emerald Enclave to see if they will take the book.
  • The group is tasked with infiltrating the Cult of the Dragon caravan headed North….


  • Tome of Tiamat, Magnificent Red Ruby.


  • Zsass Defeated: 2000
  • The Red Swarm Broken: 2000
  • Tome of Tiamat Reclaimed: 450
  • Per Player: 1113

Session 15 – 06/25/2015


  • The Woods of Sharp Teeth Wind around.
  • The party picks up on the trail of Zsass
  • The pit of snakes!
  • After 10 hours they find Zsass but not without chasing a few kobolds
  • Zsass is resurrecting a dragon!


  • See Session 16

Session 14 – 6/14/2015


- Factions are joined!
- Falconhoof remains a lone ranger!
- The Defenders of Greenest are hot on the trail of Zsass, Tiamat’s Flame!
- Geth moves ahead and gets jumped!


  • See Session 16

Session 13 – 6/7/2015


- Iriabor fends off the Red Swarm
- The Red Swarm Heads East?
The Woods of Sharp Teeth?
Or Beregost?
- A Kobold on fire?!? Related to the book? Leosin thinks so.
- The Cult of the Dragon doesn’t have the book.
- Factions! The Hapers, Order of the Gauntlet, and Emerald Enclave.
- Mission is to find the book first!
- Find the cultist caravan second!


  • Letter from Frulam
  • Letter to Jartek
  • Offer to Join Factions


  • 50 Giant lizard
  • 900 2 Dragonclaw Elite
  • 450 Guard Drake
  • Per player: 350 XP
A "Short" Detour in Waterdeep
I say this with the utmost sarcasm...

Session 30 – 04/20/2016


The group confronts Bog Luck but he knew that they needed taken care of immediately. Bog Luck sets up an ambush with the help of Ardred. However their plans were cut short… This earned the group a new name, “The Slayers of the Dragon Cult” A name that the slayers have lived up to very well to this day.

An eager to please Lizardfolk by the name of Wriggleshanks, was in awe of Jartek and the power of Clangeddin. He has vowed to take the Adventurers through the tunnel and to Castle Naerytar where they have learned that Rezmir may potentially be staying.

Wriggleshanks leads the group to a campsite in the tunnel after a day of trudging through the marshy tunnel. In the morning the group plans to head for Castle Naerytar.


  • 2000 gp of coins and gems split between the group


  • Bog Luck Fight 2000 XP
  • 500 Per character

Session 29 – 03/30/2016


The group Travels with Ardred to the north and encounters a Troll who is annoyed with stirge that have infested his feast and his lair. The Troll tosses the infested meat below to stop the caravan in hopes of trading up for good horse meat. However, the adventurers cut him down but not before he gets a couple good swipes on Geth for the Pesky Stirge to finish him off. Finally, the group puts it all together and finishes off everything with fire! Ardred is grateful and lets them know they are the best he has ever seen.

The caravan makes it to the top of the hill before nightfall and they all overlook the mere of dead men. The next day they make it to Neverember’s camp where they see people working hard preparing road materials. One Half-Orc is seen ordering folks to move special cargo into the warehouse. He is found to be Bog Luck and a small scuffle ensues.

The adventurers agree to talk it out over night as many of the camp workers are astonished by the actions of the group. Some are convinced that they speak the truth but others not so much. The believe Bog Luck to be a good man.


  • None


  • Troll Encounter 2200 XP
  • Bog Luck Scuffle 100 Xp
  • 575 XP per character

Session 28 – 03/2016


The group did some touring around Waterdeep. Got kicked out of a tavern in the Field District where they bet more than the house had. Falconhoof attended a very important meeting for the Lords of Waterdeep. This provided them with a trail to find Rezmir. Geth was recognized by Arlek’s traveling troupe as they thought the group to be dead!

Finally the adventurers stopped by Aurora’s Realms to investigate the cloak and find a trinket for Geth. A test reveals that the rippable scales are imbued with unknown magic that creates potions of healing.


  • A dragon-scaled cloak is revealed to give potions!
  • The 2 Potions and 2 beholder stalks are given in exchange for a wolf figurine carved that was carved by druids.


  • Infiltrating the Lords of Waterdeep meeting
  • Surviving the magical test of the cloak
  • 500 XP per char

Session 27 – 02/17/2016


Seltas is renting out Niende’s books! The group finds that Seltas is movin’ on up in life when “Niende’s Books” is found to be in tower. Nimar Gundwynd tries to reclaim his property but the party decides to fight for Seltas Farsail. Nimar was a sad created Beholder only trying to carry on the Gundwynd name. His creators have long been forgotten.


  • Falconhoof’s bow is identified!
  • A strange dragon-scaled cloak
  • A white mask
  • 4 Beholder eye stalks


  • Defeated Nimar Gundwynd and his crew
  • Protected Seltas Farsail and uncovered what he was doing with Niende’s books
  • 500 XP per character
Making the Mere Great Again!
The road to Castle Naerytar

Session 32 – 33ish – Unknown date


So these went undocumented but here’s the basic gist of what happened.

The group is led astray by Wriggleshanks when he followed the Will’o Wisps. Wriggleshanks knew the wisps would take him to Voraghamanthar. The legend is well known among the lizardfolk of the Mere. Lucky for Wriggleshanks, the adventurers didn’t notice they were off course and were lead to a hibernation mound where the found the Dragon fast asleep and DECAYING… It was there that Wriggleshanks is thought to have met his end. Geth threw a net on him and left him to the fate of the black Dracolich.

The next day Geth was poisoned by a pack of spiders which led to him having a vision. The vision was of Geth as a wolf on the hunt with his family of wolf brothers and sisters. The vision ultimately led to him unlocking the secrets of a Druidic totem that he picked up from a magic shop in Waterdeep.

The day following that was met with more Lizardfolk posted up in the forest. The group meets Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff who never leave each other’s sides. A plan is devised to infiltrate Castle Naerytar. Since Wriggleshanks gave strict orders to the two just days ago they have no reason to believe that their leader was left as Dracolich food.

Before they leave the camp though, the group is taken unaware by a shambling mound that nearly eats Falconhoof alive. With lady luck on the group’s side they overcome the “Weed that walks” as it is called by the locals. Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff now have complete confidence that this group will make the Mere great once again.

With fervor, Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff head into the Naerytar Castle camp. It is there where we pick back (up after a IRL long break) to the scene of rampaging lizards, Giant frogs, and Bullywugs attempting to quell the uprising in front of the looming castle in the distance. Our adventurers press on to find out exactly how the Cult of the Dragon aims to bring Tiamat back to life…


  • Secret to unlocking the carved totem that Geth carries.
  • Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff’s devotion to the group
  • More patches torn from the mysterious cloak! It’s not just a healing potion cloak folks!


  • 1400 Avoiding Vorgamanthar’s wrath
  • 1000 Giant Spiders
  • 1000 Geth’s Vision
  • 1800 Shambling Mound
  • 2550 Devising a diversion with Fraklechuunk & Sharpstuff
  • 1938 per player

Session 31 – 04/20/2016


The Slayers of the Dragon Cult presses onward with Wriggleshanks as their guide. Wriggleshanks warns the group about Bullywugs and the other dangers of the swamp. He mentions Voraghamanthar as a diety to the lizardfolk. The party is ambushed by Frogs, Lizards and Grossly voiced Bullywugs.

There are a few lizardfolk left to the fate of the Slayers of the the Dragon Cult after 24 hours of travel through the swamp.


  • A vision for Geth – Wolves howl at the moon as it turns to blood


  • Frog Ambush – 400 XP per char
  • Bullywug Scouting Party – 1000 XP per char
  • Total: 1400 per char
Session 34
The Infiltration of Castle Naerytar


The party arrives with Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff. The two rush off to hatch their plan of letting loose giant Lizards. The plan works and chaos ensues in front of the castle. A loud voice booms from the top of the castle where a flying red-robed man can be seen. He threatens to rain down fire if the situation isn’t handled soon.

As about 40 bullywugs work to contain the mess, our party rushes towards the castle’s main gate where they trick the guard into thinking they are cultists. The expand the trick into convincing that promotions are being handed out and that defense of the front gate is needed for an impending lizardfolk uprising. Fracklechuunk and Sharpstuff do their best dragonkin impression and succeed as well.

The group heads up to the upper floor of the castle entrance and finds more guards at their posts. No diplomacy is had this time as the group dispatches the 10 bullywugs and burn their alarm drum.

Finally the group heads down the castle causeway and encounter lizardfolk training giant lizards. They notice a red scaled lizardfolk who is, not surprisingly, named Redscale. Leucis runs in once again an deceives the ranking bullywugs. They bend to his will and allow Geth to wander into the fray. To the entire room’s disbelief, he communicates to the Giant Lizards and convinces them to eat the two bullywugs in exchange for freedom. They gladly comply and Redscale and crew stand in awe. They recognize the group as the saviors of the Mere. The rumors that Wriggleshanks has spread is true!!!


  • a burnt drum
  • Giant lizard allies
  • Lizardfolk allies


  • 1100 for Bullywugs decieved or killed
  • 100 for Feeding Giant Lizards
  • 500 for meeting Redscale
  • 425 per player

Players have now reached Level 6!!!!!

Session 35
Recalling the Oath of Wriggleshanks


The group meets with Redscales army. He shares knowledge with the group about the layout and power structure that is within the castle. Dralmorrer Borngray employs this group as his personal guard. Rubblestump calls out the group on the lack of Wriggleshanks. Leucis and Jartek attempt to convince the elite squad that Wriggleshanks died in service to Voaraghamanthar. Geth confirms the tale.

Redscales army isn’t entirely convinced but they aren’t going to slay the group outright. Falconhoof speaks up and drunkenly stumbles through the oath of trust that Wriggleshanks once taught the group.

The oath isn’t the easiest to remember but it goes like this:

" In our tails we have lots of fight, we rip and tear all through the night, we lizardkin reserve one right, to something in the ground, rubble rubble rubble rubble "

Jartek gains respect for the lizardfolk. He starts to the rethink his previous assumptions regarding them.

It’s lunchtime in the castle and bullywugs start to move.

Geth keeps a watchful eye and when the coast is clear he seeks to release the entire Giant Lizard stable. The Lizards aren’t very cooperative and use the opportunity to escape their captors.

Meanwhile, Jartek catches a Cultist praying at an alter. The Cultist walks out completely happy with his meditation time but is met by Jartek’s hammer and Falconhoof’s arrow.

Once this is taken care of the Party splits and assaults the bullywug barracks. They clean house and find more treasure than they can carry.


  • 500 pounds of Copper Pieces, Silver Pieces, and Jewelry
  • 2 potions (One Red and One Black with purple essence)
  • Chained up box with a broken lock
  • A Giant Lizard whistle given to you by Redscale (Falconhoof has this)


  • 400 for releasing the Giant Lizards
  • 700 for clearing out the bullywug barracks
  • 25 for slaying the praying cultist
  • Total: 1125
  • Per player: 281
Session 36
Fracklechuunk & Sharpstuff are HOME ALONE!


The adventure picks back up where we left off last time in the Bullywug Barracks. The group wants to make their rummaging a bit more private so Leucis moves to close the doors. A loud lizard like shriek pierces the air.

Fracklechuunk is in the jaws of a large drake and soon to be in the jaws of another. The group gets a taste of what Pharblex is capable of but not before he bounds off to alert more bullywugs of the intruders.

After dispatching the guard drakes, the crew moves to hunt down Pharblex but take a detour finding Tharm Tharmzid. He is a humble dwarf doing what he can to cook for the denizens of the castle. Jartek starts to talk to some sense into Tharm and convinces him to head to the Carnath Roadhouse for work. Tharm agrees that this is preferable to cooking for the Cult and heads on his way.

As Tharm walks out, Geth opens the door pursuing Pharblex. The group makes quick work of the cultists found inside but an even bigger threat presents itself in the courtyard. It’s a monstrous three-tentacled beast and it is let loose by two cultists that were towing it towards our 4 heroes.


  • Found the Horde of treasure that the Cult is sorting. Some items from Greenest are noticed!


  • 1350 for Guard Drakes
  • 850 Cultist Sorting Room
  • 2200 total
  • 550 per player
Session 37
Dralmorrer lands his "D" on Geth's back!


Our heroes face off against the hideous beast and it’s 3 tentacle arms. They are trapped between a raging fire in the Great Hall and their attackers outside in the courtyard. An obnoxious elf named Dralmorrer is determined to destroy the intruders and rid Castle Naerytar of all interruptions. He notes that there have been too many disturbances to the operation within. He commands a squad of elite lizardfolk and they reluctantly fight against those that recited the Lizardfolk oath with Redscale. Before the battle begins, Leucis sends forth a bubble of acid just in front of the kitchen doorway. The acid smokes and boils on the cobbled flooring harmlessly. The lizardfolk squad quickly gets to work removing the cover that Jartek provided by toppling the table they were hiding behind. This provides a clear line of sight for the Otyugh and it charges forward lashing out with it’s tentacles. 2 tentacles grab Jartek and Falconhoof and cling tight for the duration of the battle. Leucis sends forth a poot of a firebolt that lands harmlessly on the skin of the Otyugh. Things begin to look grim for the party.

Meanwhile, Geth explores the center tower by climbing to the top. He sees a room filled with statues and a solitary observatory looking-glass. It appears to be finely tuned and emanating magical essence. Noticing that the room is empty, he climbs over the uncovered walls at the top of the tower. He spies a target down below but isn’t able to control his plummeting as he comes crashing down on top of the unsuspecting lizardfolk named Swamplurk. Swamplurk is knocked unconscious and everyone stands with mouths agape.

As this happens, Dralmorrer uses his Misty Step spell and teleports behind Geth to perform his signature move! Dralmorrer hastily puts his D on Geth’s back and basks in the beauty of his handy work.

Redscale is given orders to attack but he sees that Dralmorrer isn’t fairing too well nor is the Otyugh after Leucis makes a devastating surprise attack with his rapier. He incites all lizardfolk to rise up against the cult and the bullywug oppressors. They do so and Dralmorrer’s last sight is that of javelins raining down on his position. The last javelin is thrown by Redscale which pierces Dralmorrer’s heart. He clutches the javelin in disbelief and falls to the floor dead.

Jartek and Falconhoof, now free of the Otyugh grip, deliver the final blows to the Otyugh and bring the beast down. As the threats are neutralized, Giant Lizards are seen climbing over the walls of the keep. Redscale and his guards mount up and plan to kill as many bullywugs as possible. A war rages on in front of Castle Naerytar. The swamps fill with bullywug blood to the delight of the lizardfolk.

Our heroes take a moment to compose themselves. They find a note on Dralmorrer indicating that he and Pharblex are to ensure the safety of the castle and the Farseer of Illusk in the tower. Leucis also grabs Dralmorrer’s dagger, cloak and a strange object that looks like a clock key.

Our heroes decide to climb the 3 stories of spiral stairs in the center tower. Their path becomes blocked from the collapsing roof and upper floors where Pharblex was last seen leaving the scene. Our heroes now gaze upon a shiny observatory looking-glass. It is the Farseer of Illusk. What happens next is anyone’s guess!


  • Strange clock winding key thingy
  • The Farseer of Illusk
  • Magical Dagger


  • 4000 XP for inciting the Lizardfolk rebellion that will surely wipe out the bullywugs
  • 700 – Dralmorrer dead
  • 1800 – Otyugh Slain!
    Total XP: 6500
    Per Player: 1625
Episode 38
So long, Farseer of Illusk!


Last time on Fear and Loathing on the Sword Coast… Our heroes investigate the Farseer of Illusk and tinker around with the tunings. Leucis takes a peek to find that the Farseer is focused on what appears to be Vhoraghamanthar and his lair filled with loot. A strange crown was on a pedestal.


Leucis continues by asking Geth how Vhoraghamanthar looked when he last saw the dragon. Geth replies with the description that the Black Dragon was decaying yet still somehow alive.

The group contemplates that there may be 2 dragons after all but they are all perplexed at how this has anything to do with Rezmir. In frustration, Jartek and Falconhoof start down the winding spiral staircase. Meanwhile, Geth is ordered to pick up the Farseer. He does so and with it the Farseer alarm system kicks in. 4 statues in each corner of the tower come to life!

The statues are actually Gargoyles and they proceed to tear through Geth and Leucis. In a moment of desperation, Leucis tears a scale off of his cloak and throws it at his feet. The scale turns into a wall of ice lifting him and two gargoyles 30 feet in the air. Luecis shoots a firebolt at the ice wall beneath is feet and he rides the melt down safely to the floor of the tower.

Geth spins the Farseer in a circle about him and knocks the swarm of gargoyles back using the Farseer of Illusk. He also summons Mingan to his side once again before he is knocked unconscious by the gargoyles swarming him again.

Falconhoof and Jartek hear the clamor and come back upstairs. They, Luecis and Mingan take care of the Gargoyles. Unfortunately, the fight was not without it’s toll. The Farseer lies in shambles and the group sits wounded. Jartek notes that resources and the well being of the group are dwindling quickly and they still need to take care of Pharblex in the basement.


  • Knowledge of Voraghamanthar’s secret
  • Farseer of Illusk destroyed!


  • 1800 for the Gargoyle alarm system
  • 450 per character

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