Rezmir Rezmir.jpg

Rezmir the Black, was a half–black dragon human woman who was the Black Dragon Wyrmspeaker of the reformed Cult of the Dragon

Quick Facts
  • She slayed Geth’s wolf family and now he seeks vengeance.
  • She orchestrated the raid on the town of Greenest.
  • Later, Rezmir traveled north ahead of the Cult’s loot to Castle Naerytar in the Mere of Dead Men.
  • She has been quite elusive to the party except in Greenest where the cult set up a temporary camp in the caves.

Azbara Jos Azbara_Jos.jpg

Azbara was a Red Wizard of Thay and a member of the faction loyal to Rath Modar.

Quick Facts
  • He was ordered to get rid of the Defenders of Greenest. As a result he hatched a scheme to bind their souls to the Ethereal Plane.
  • He is unaware that the group has made a deal with Voraghamanthar and that his spell partially failed.

Pharblex Spattergoo PharblexSpattergoo.jpg

Pharblex is the chief and shaman of the bullywug tribe in the Mere of Dead Men.

Quick Facts
  • He killed the Lizardfolk Shaman that was from Wriggleshanks Tribe. This was to prove himself to Rezmir as a worthy ally.
  • He is truly disgusting preferring to eat rotting flesh (flies and all) and partaking in the occasional shit snack!

Dralmorrer Borngray Borngray.jpg

Dralmorrer is an elf who serves as caretaker of Castle Naerytar for the Black Dragon Wyrmspeaker Rezmir of the reformed Cult of the Dragon. He is from the Elven city of Evermeet.

Quick Facts
  • He believes that the Lizardfolk are more capable than the bullywugs
  • He has appointed Redscale and his best men to serve as his personal guards and smithees
  • He hates humans and believes Rezmir’s plan to be the best way to eradicate the human encroachment into Evermeet.

Voraghamanthar 150jimnelson.jpg

An adult black dragon that has made the Mere of Dead Men his home. None challenge his supremacy in the Mere.

Quick Facts
  • The group found the rare carved skull scale of Ebondeath for him.
  • He used this scale along with an old ritual spell that bound his soul and the group’s to this phylactery.
  • Last time Voraghamanthar was seen, he was starting his transformation into a dracolich.


Bog Luck Bog_Luck.PNG

Bog Luck was a half-orc member of the reformed Cult of the Dragon and the owner of the roadhouse in northwest Faerûn.

Quick Facts
  • He and Ardred used the road construction to Neverwinter as cover for the cultists to drop loot.
  • He was there with Rezmir and Frulam when Geth’s family was slain.

Ardred Briferhew

Ardred Briferhew was a veteran caravan master. He was a henchmen to Bog luck and was in on the scam to use the Carnath Roadhouse as cover for a Cultist drop point. He was there when Bog lost his head and soon after lost his life.

Frulam Mondath frulam.jpg

Frulam Mondath was a member of the reformed Cult of the Dragon holding the rank of Wearer of the Purple.

Quick Facts
  • She was attempting to hatch dragonlings in the caves to the south of Greenest.
  • Her plans were thwarted by the Defenders of Greenest and she met her end when she decided to track and follow the group on the caravan on her own.
  • She was there when Geth’s family was slaughtered.

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath Langdedrosa.jpg

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath was a half–blue dragon member of the reformed Cult of the Dragon

Quick Facts
  • He was a bitch of a Dragonkin as he fell to quickly and talked a big game.
  • In battle, Langdedrosa wore splint mail and fought with greatsword and spear.
  • He was Geth’s first test of strength and was nearly killed outright by him the first time they met. The rematch was not as spectacular.


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