Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Episode 41

Fine Woven Rugs Here!


At the lodge doorstep, the group takes a moment to look around. An ambush of drakes begin to pounce on Geth as half the group is preoccupied by the sights and sounds around them. However, Leucis comes to the rescue yelling in Draconic. He tells the drakes to stand down and the dog-like drakes obey as if they were given commands by their owner.

Around the corner 2 trolls, Yukmer and Grundel, are perplexed by the Drake’s behavior. The two are loud and obnoxious in their exchanges leaving little to the imagination. Geth takes a moment to speak to the two birds that he saw high above the lodge. He finds that they are actually perytons and they have mistaken the group’s identity. They urge Geth to go inside and tell him that they are expected visitors. Yukmer and Grundel are given orders to stand watch outside and they do so with blind loyalty.

Using this information, the group gets the idea to run into the house before the two trolls get a good look at them. In exchange, they find a curious little house-kobold named Crunkle. The house kobold proceeds to take them on a grand tour of the lodge. Along the way crunkle shows them the kitchen where everyone finds a bite to eat. Next they find the pantry and then the bedrooms where they convince Crunkle to allow them a long rest.

The group wakes in the middle of the night and continues the tour. After a complete circle of the lodge Jartek grows weary of Crunkle’s overextended tour. At the same time Leucis notices a strange tapestry that appears to teleport things from one place to another. The group is intrigued but Jartek strongly urges the kobold to take them directly to Talis.

Finally the group is taken upstairs and meets up with Talis the White. A female half-elf in scale mail armor. She also holds a wand set with a blue gemstone. She quickly divulges that she is upset with Rezmir and proposes a temporary alliance. Her request is to have the group intervene in the delivery of goods to Skyreach Castle. She is hoping that her rival, Varram The White, fails so she can take his place. In exchange, she agrees to give the party safe passage and entry aboard Skyreach Castle. All they need to do is carry the magically imbued trinket that allows for simple communication. For the rest of the day, the group has a long chat over tea about fine woven fabrics. The newly formed allies all dream of how things could have been if Talis were a rug maker instead. But you know how it goes… One day you are weaving the finest rugs ever made and the next you are knee deep in cult shit!


  • Scale Mail
  • A shield with an arrow painted on it.
  • An enchanted wooden trinket to communicate with Talis
  • a banner with the symbol of Tiamat
  • The passphrase “Tiamat, our Mother and Strength”


  • 5,000 per player for making the deal with Talis and avoiding all battles
  • One Inspiration token extra for great RP (yes start with two next session)



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