Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 36

Fracklechuunk & Sharpstuff are HOME ALONE!


The adventure picks back up where we left off last time in the Bullywug Barracks. The group wants to make their rummaging a bit more private so Leucis moves to close the doors. A loud lizard like shriek pierces the air.

Fracklechuunk is in the jaws of a large drake and soon to be in the jaws of another. The group gets a taste of what Pharblex is capable of but not before he bounds off to alert more bullywugs of the intruders.

After dispatching the guard drakes, the crew moves to hunt down Pharblex but take a detour finding Tharm Tharmzid. He is a humble dwarf doing what he can to cook for the denizens of the castle. Jartek starts to talk to some sense into Tharm and convinces him to head to the Carnath Roadhouse for work. Tharm agrees that this is preferable to cooking for the Cult and heads on his way.

As Tharm walks out, Geth opens the door pursuing Pharblex. The group makes quick work of the cultists found inside but an even bigger threat presents itself in the courtyard. It’s a monstrous three-tentacled beast and it is let loose by two cultists that were towing it towards our 4 heroes.


  • Found the Horde of treasure that the Cult is sorting. Some items from Greenest are noticed!


  • 1350 for Guard Drakes
  • 850 Cultist Sorting Room
  • 2200 total
  • 550 per player



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