Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Episode 38

So long, Farseer of Illusk!


Last time on Fear and Loathing on the Sword Coast… Our heroes investigate the Farseer of Illusk and tinker around with the tunings. Leucis takes a peek to find that the Farseer is focused on what appears to be Vhoraghamanthar and his lair filled with loot. A strange crown was on a pedestal.


Leucis continues by asking Geth how Vhoraghamanthar looked when he last saw the dragon. Geth replies with the description that the Black Dragon was decaying yet still somehow alive.

The group contemplates that there may be 2 dragons after all but they are all perplexed at how this has anything to do with Rezmir. In frustration, Jartek and Falconhoof start down the winding spiral staircase. Meanwhile, Geth is ordered to pick up the Farseer. He does so and with it the Farseer alarm system kicks in. 4 statues in each corner of the tower come to life!

The statues are actually Gargoyles and they proceed to tear through Geth and Leucis. In a moment of desperation, Leucis tears a scale off of his cloak and throws it at his feet. The scale turns into a wall of ice lifting him and two gargoyles 30 feet in the air. Luecis shoots a firebolt at the ice wall beneath is feet and he rides the melt down safely to the floor of the tower.

Geth spins the Farseer in a circle about him and knocks the swarm of gargoyles back using the Farseer of Illusk. He also summons Mingan to his side once again before he is knocked unconscious by the gargoyles swarming him again.

Falconhoof and Jartek hear the clamor and come back upstairs. They, Luecis and Mingan take care of the Gargoyles. Unfortunately, the fight was not without it’s toll. The Farseer lies in shambles and the group sits wounded. Jartek notes that resources and the well being of the group are dwindling quickly and they still need to take care of Pharblex in the basement.


  • Knowledge of Voraghamanthar’s secret
  • Farseer of Illusk destroyed!


  • 1800 for the Gargoyle alarm system
  • 450 per character



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