Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 40

Dracolich Delivery!


Our heroes are met in the top of the south east tower above the depraved library. Leucis comes running up the steps, his breath is labored but he manages to let the group know that Voaraghamanthar was the loud crash outside. Apparently he cares not for the denizens of the Mere and wants everyone out.

The group goes putzing around in Rezmir’s private quarters. Jarteka and Leucis get caught in an acid trap that ruins some armor and a fine pile of treasure. Falconhoof eyes up a fine rug that has a makers tag on it that reads, “Made by Talis the White.” Falconhoof rolls it up and takes it.

The group heads down into the basement learning that the underside is a winding catacomb. Bullywugs offer to take the group to Pharblex as a peace offering. Our heroes have ulterior plans for the 4 bullywugs. They make quick work of the group and head off in the opposite direction. The group trepidatiously slides down an old rickety ladder and wades through some mysterious fog.

Finally they find the portal they were looking for and Leucis calls out the words “Draezir!” as they are wisped away to a snowy mountain top looking at what appears to be an old cabin. The group approaches the front door.


  • Ornate Rug


  • 1,000 per player for getting through the portal



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