Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 42

Get Parnasty!


The party sets out to find the missing caravan. Talis is quite impatient and give the group a ring only 3 hours into their journey. When Leucis divulges that the plans were unclear she quickly activates the swapping power of the communication device and is teleported into Jartek’s place. Jartek can be heard yelling dwarven obscenities as Crunkle is ordered to take care of him back at the lodge.

Talis charges ahead and bores the group to death about how important it is to find the caravan and thwart the efforts of Varram the White over the course of the next 3 hours. Upon arrival, she darts to the nearest caravan and starts searching. Falconhoof uses the opportunity to slip away and sneak a peek at what is lurking in the stables. He finds that 2 or 3 Wyverns are resting inside while Leucis and Geth blow his cover. Quick on his thoughts, Leucis comes up with the clever idea to tell Talis that Falconhoof is out taking a number two. She buys the story but urges Falconhoof to hurry it up.

The party makes their way to the center of the town and they discover the shrine in town has been desecrated for one of statues outside. They nearly lose their cover out in the courtyard due to Geth’s intense questioning. Talis calms the guards and the guards let on that all shipments may already be aboard Skyreach Castle. At this point, Talis is fed up and she swaps places with Jartek once again, barks some orders for them to take care of Varram and closes the comms.

Jartek is bewildered as he holds an armful of cured meats and holds a stein of beer in his free hand. Falconhoof swipes the stein and the party moves to the tavern for better comforts and hoping for more information.

Inside the tavern the party meets Gundalin who is an local resident that is sick of the Cult occupation of his town. While he divulges information in the bedroom, Geth starts some shit in the tavern with the cultist that are off duty. It didn’t take much time before the group gets downright Parnasty!


  • Discovery of Wyverns in the Stables
  • A few free beers and some cured meats


  • 500 per player for diverting the town guards.



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