Critical Failures - Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Session 43

The Ode to White Dragons


The adventure starts where we last left them. A tavern brawl has broken out and it’s all out chaos!!!

Our adventures show no mercy to anyone in the tavern. Raggnar the Red, who owned the Tavern was outed as a Cult of the Dragon sympathizer. Falconhoof being a connoisseur of drinks had some sympathy for the barkeep. He begins searching Siphyllstein the fat for his golden tankard but comes up empty handed while searching through Siphyllstein’s many folds of skin. Raggnar is alerted that Siphyllstein could have the tankard and shakes him down. Siphyllstein runs out since he had is fill. Raggnar senses that his time might be up though and attempts to run for the door. Before he knows it though, he is in a tongue of war with Geth! Geth snatches the tankard with spectacular strength and lobs it over Falconhoof. He gives Raggnar one last chance and even gives the tankard back but Raggnar, as hard-headed as he is, advises that the group not challenge the Cult. With that, Falconhoof took his head and his never ending tankard of ale as a prize.

Likewise, other party members find some items. Leucis finds 40 gold and a magical tapestry. He unfurls the tapestry in Raggnar’s room but hastily throws keys under the bed. Falconhoof goes searching and finds some ungodly items under the bed. He carefully removes a stiff sock and a pair of underwear away from the keys then locks the door. The party jumps through the tapestry….

The group finds themselves in the presence of a white dragon, Glazhael the Cloudchaser. They divert his attention by pretending to be “Finesworth” the person he asked for and eventually send him on a wild goose-chase for a non-existent hidden hoard. Glazhael believes the tale but doesn’t let them off without giving praise to Dragons. The group recites an Ode to white dragons. It is a tale of dragons with large hands,

With the dragon gone, Jartek makes his way towards the frozen hoard in the bottom of the pit. After much convincing, Leucis frees a longsword from it’s frozen resting place.

Now satisfied the group explores the cave further. They climb to the top of a set of stairs and see a dark form moving quickly across the courtyard. Fog rolls in and the group realizes they are on Skyreach Castle!


  • Tankard of Illefarn (Falconhoof)
  • 40 gold (Leucis)
  • Tapestry B – a portal device that links to another tapestry (Leucis)
  • * Currently this is in the Golden Tankard Tavern
  • Longsword (Jartek)


  • Tavern Brawl
  • * 3 Cultists (25) 75,
  • * 1 Acolyte (50) 50,
  • * 5 guards (25) 125,
  • * 1 Veteran (700) 700.
  • * Total: 950
  • Encounter with Glazhael
  • * 3,333 Xp for diverting his attention and parading around as “Finesworth”
  • 1071 per player



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